06 October 2014 Written by
Grief always seems to have a way of shanking the ground we walk on.  That unsteadiness paves a path for vulnerability where all seems scary.  In the midst of that fear, we have the power to find the hope.  When that hope is found, we then need to water it…
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25 February 2014 Written by
The end of February through March continues to be an exciting time for Center For Grief Services' Norma Bowe.  Over the course of the month, Norma will contiue to discuss the book The Death Class.  In this blog, you'll find the various events she will be at and different radio…
29 January 2014 Written by
I am a professor of death. I have helped hundreds of students learn about dying, and still can’t think of anything harder than losing someone you love. We have been hearing about death all week in the news. In Texas, a woman lays brain dead in the hospital. Her husband…
09 January 2014 Written by
We at The Center For Grief Services are beyond excited to welcome the release of The Death Class: A True Story About Life by Erika Hayasaki.  Our very own Norma Bowe and her college course "Death in Perspective" are the subject of this wonderfully written book.  The release date is…
29 December 2013 Written by
  With the new year beginning, people are racing to set their resolutions.  Many will resolve to exercise more, lose weight and be more punctual.  While it may be easy for some to set resolutions, the new year brings on different emotions for those who are grieving.  The more traditional…
22 November 2013 Written by
A friend of mine recently lost her grandmother. She told me at the funeral,“ My grandmother was the glue for our family. All of our best memories took place at her house. We celebrated every birthday, graduation and holiday eating her food and basking under the wide umbrella of her…
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30 August 2013 Written by
One of the writing assignments I give my undergraduate Death in Perspective students is to write their own obituary as if they lived for 100 years. Its an amazing opportunity to organize your thoughts around how you want to live your life. A friend and amazing singer songwriter, David Wilcox,…
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