Thank you

Death in perspective did more than teach me about death. It taught me about life and the importance of making every moment on this earth count. I also learned that we are not alone. There is always going to be someone else struggling along with you but if you put yourself in good company and are able to express yourself in a positive way with others like we did in class, it doesn't seem so bad
Shannon O’Brien

Taught me so much

death in perspective not only showed me different views on the aspects of death and dealing with the accompanying grief, but it also taught me to think deeper and more critically, and to be more open when it comes to expressing my feelings. i'll never forget those trips we went on.. especially the sweat lodge. in an ironic way, these experiences helped me gain a whole new perspective on life.

Amanda Waage

Better appreciation of life

It was during that class that I developed a more mature appreciation of life. Our trip to the M.E. office, prison, and an assignment where we had to go 3 hours with nothing but our thoughts, in particular forced me to not only see that there are consequences for our actions but those consequences are imposed on those who care for us. Those things also gave me new insight into myself which allowed me to appreciate the moments and experiences that make my life unique.
Steve Radzick


Dr Bowe... You have taught me so much In that class and left an impact that will stay with me forever. You have taught me how to accept death as a celebration of life... You inspired me to spend more time with my grandparents and get to know them even more. No one is promised tomorrow and we have to be greatful for what we have today. Thank you for leaving such an imprint in my heart and memory... A class I will never ever forget

Jennifer Pappas


I've never lost a close loved one (before the class or since) but your class taught me is not about death; it's about the life you've lived, the love you've shared and the memories. I think the more I understood "death" the more it was about living.
Miriam Martinez


Death an perspective has opened a lot of windows in my life. This class was one that at first I felt anxious and apprehensive about taking but by the end I wish the semester didn't end. Dr. Bowe taught us in a way that we all felt a connection to one another in the room and was able to help one another through some hardships. We built friendships and we learned that people go through similar tragedies and there's a purpose to life. Rather than focusing all on the grieving we did alot of reflection on ourselves. And it made me a better person, especially that we made an activity to do good deeds and random acts of kindness and put them on the wall for all to see! We had an emotional experience as we all learned about eachothers scars and the strength and hope that got us through certain loses. We lose things all the time not just people and this class reminded us to be grateful for what we have and to simply live a life we love. "Get a life and love it" Dr. Bowe encouraged me to get through many life changing experiences that I struggled with and to do it with my head held high. We may encounter loses but we must remember there are gains within each loss. Amazing class.
Jenna Lynn

Eye Opener

Your class opened my eyes to loss of all different kinds. Loss of life, of independence and loss of freedom as well. The best thing (other than the privilege of knowing you) I took from the class that's helped my life tremendously: having to read and understand the diving bell and the butterfly. Nothing puts life and problems in perspective more than the thought of him.
Sarah Muñoz

Full of emotion

I have lost multiple loved ones and I took Death in Perspective to learn the grieving process and how to feel better about the word dying. I have learned so much about life rather than death. Your class was full of emotion and love and I am so lucky to have had the chance to be apart of it.
Gabriella Marie

Forever Grateful

Norma, forever I speak of death in perspective class! And my fav Professor. In your class I learned that there are many types of deaths. Not only the physical death but also emotional death, death to your rights as a human being. I was able to speak out about my abuse and how I had dealt with the pain that comes with being abused. The class thought me to appreciate time and everything that comes in life because it all serves a purpose and that purpose is that once I go through the fire.

Vivian Salamanca Restrepo


I never truly had closure from my fathers passing until your class. I was able to understand the grieving process and finally feel like the things I felt or was going through were normal. I learned to appreciate life. Your class was the most influential class I ever taken. Your truly care about all your students.
Eleni Tzovolos Iannella

Life Changing

Death and perspective was a life changing class for me. I learned how to manage feelings I had been holding in since I was ten and my father passed away. I realized that I didn't need to feel guilty for wanting to be happy or moving on. I also learned how to move past my boyfriend passing away from cancer two years before taking your class. I met other people who have loved ones who passed away, and I saw how strong they were, which made me believe I could get through it too. I learned that being vulnerable was a good thing, and opening up to people is necessary in life. I say I love you so much more, and don't take anything for granted, and I live for today. I learned that my actions can impact someone else in a significant way, positive or negative. I think about helping other people so much more than before. Most importantly, I learned to find strength and happiness from within. I can't thank you enough for everything I learned in this class. It was an honor to have been your student.

Valerie Palumbo

Thank You

Your class has changed my life and helped me grow in so many ways this was a very difficult year for me with the loss of my uncle and grandma the lessons and all of the knowledge that you instilled in us helped me get thru it the only thing I could say to you is thank you for everything

Jeff Scenna

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